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Shailene Woodley eats insects

Shailene Woodley eats insects

Shailene Woodley thinks ants taste "great."

The 'Insurgent' actress, who follows a Paleo diet and sticks to unprocessed foods, claims everyone will be eating insects in the future.

The 23-year-old star said: "I've eaten ants and that was great. And June bugs, that was great. I think the future of food is in insects, so we'll see what happens."

Shailene, who is an outspoken environmentalist, also admits she is open to eating whatever animal products her body is craving.

She told Nylon magazine: "I had pigs' feet in Spain a few months ago and that was awesome. They're so gelatinous and it felt great for my stomach."

The 'Fault in Our Stars' actress previously revealed she makes her own broth out of bones and also drinks clay.

Speaking last year, she said: "Clay binds to other materials in your body and helps your body excrete those materials that aren't necessarily the best for you.

"I've been into bone broth for a long time and it's really cool because now there is this whole Paleo movement and it's getting a lot of attention. What I think is beautiful about it is that you're using the whole animal. You're not just seeking out that perfect cut of muscle meat."