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Selena Gomez regrets not going to prom

Selena Gomez regrets not going to prom

Selena Gomez regrets not being able to go to a high school prom.

The 'Heart Wants What It Wants' hitmaker was homeschooled for most of her life after starting her acting and singing career in 2002 and says she is sad she never got the chance to attend the end of school dance.

She told Australian radio station Nova 96.9: "I wanted to go to prom and people are like, 'Oh, you'd be disappointed.' But I was like, 'I want to go to prom!'

"There's a balance to life that I think is normal and I think what we do and what I love is, for me, normal. But it isn't actually when you look at it. That is not how people should be brought up or raised, especially if you're younger. So yes, sometimes [I miss having a normal life] but I don't know any different."

Meanwhile, the 23-year-old singer previously admitted she didn't have the "opportunity" to figure things out when she was growing up.

She shared: "I didn't have an opportunity to figure out my life without people having an opinion every step of the way. I chose this. So I'm not gonna sit here and say, 'Oh, my God, poor me, I didn't have a normal childhood.' I don't give a f**k about that."

And the 'Good For You' beauty also recently revealed she plans to "give up" social media one day.

She shared: "I'm utilising social media right now because of my age and because, to be honest, everybody else in the world was talking about me, so I wanted a f***ing say.

"I honestly had to, because I didn't really expect my life to be as public as it was. Is this going to destroy me or make me? I still have to make that choice on a daily basis. In a few years. I'll give all of it up.

"I don't understand all of that sometimes. I think about things very realistically, because I feel like some of those accounts probably don't even actually exist. I also get very weird about that stuff. I'm like, 'Well, why isn't like everybody selling 40 million albums?'"