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Scotty T says his mates' mums give the best oral sex

Scotty T says his mates' mums give the best oral sex

Scotty T believes his mates' mothers give the "best" oral sex.

The 'Geordie Shore' hunk would never sleep with his friends' sisters because that's against the "guy code" but he'd always jump at the chance to get down and dirty with their mums because they're experienced when it comes to the bedroom.

Writing in his column for the Daily Star Online, he explained: "Do not to tap a mate's fit for a MILF [Mother I'd Like (to) F**k], that's a different story.

"Who doesn't like an older bird who knows the ropes? Just don't expect your mate to call you 'dad'. I have had some memorable moments with MILFs. Nobody sucks c**k better."

And the 28-year-old heartthrob can't help but get excited when he's asked to get involved in a "threesome."

He explained: "Never stand in the way of a threesome. Ever. No matter what the circumstances. Some of my finest memories are of having two lasses on the job...the more the merrier."

However, although he's happy to get hot and heavy when any girl, Scotty - whose real name is Scott Timlin - draws the line at his friends' exes, even if they're begging for some action.

He explained: "The most important point in the lad code, and the one there are always temper tantrums about... you never pull a mate's ex missus. You can have a skinful of beer and she can be looking hotter than Angelina Jolie, bending over, begging you to slip your big d in her, you just don't go there. And that is a rule I live by, no matter what."

Scotty has never been one to remain tight-lipped on his sexual encounters and recently admitted he's even got frisky on a bus.

He told BANG Showbiz: "[I had sex on] the back of a bus when it was busy. It was nice... I just got her to sit on me, she had a skirt on. It was when I was only at school - sixth form.''