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Scott Mills was 'starstruck' after meeting Rihanna

Scott Mills was 'starstruck' after meeting Rihanna

Scott Mills was "starstruck" when he first met Rihanna.

The 42-year-old BBC Radio One DJ has admitted he was totally in awe of the Barbados-born beauty, and he has revealed the "first time" he met the 'Sledgehammer' musician he thought she was "amazing".

Speaking to YOU magazine about their first encounter, he said: "The first time I met Rihanna, after filling in on air for 90 minutes. She came out of her trailer, sprayed some expensive perfume and said, 'I'm ready.'

2I thought, 'God, you're amazing.'

And the television presenter has revealed he admires a number of female celebrities, including 'Bridesmaids' actress Kristen Wiig, and Lady Gaga.

He explained: "I think Kristen Wiig is brilliant. She makes me laugh so hard my insides hurt.

"[And] Lady Gaga. I'm fascinated by her."

Meanwhile, Scott - who has been a host on the channel since 1998 - has admitted he never had a plan B career option in mind and was always set to achieve his dream of being on the radio.

He said: "I was lucky enough to get into radio presenting when I was 16, so I've never thought of one [ a plan B]."

And at a young age he used to practice being on air.

Speaking about his earliest memory, Scott said: "This is such a cliché, but pretending to be on Radio One in my house as a child.

And the dark-haired television personality has revealed his ultimate career highlight is having his own gig on the channel.

He explained: "The fact I have been presenting on Radio One for so long, and I'm still having a great time."

However Scott - who presented the in-store radio station for Homebase FM - has admitted he hasn't always enjoyed his stints in presenting.

Speaking about his less favourite job, he said: "Presenting on Homebase FM. I had to talk about things I knew nothing about - I was so out of my depth."