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Scott Eastwood makes 'apologetic' call to late ex's father

Scott Eastwood makes 'apologetic' call to late ex's father

Scott Eastwood has reached out to his late ex-girlfriend's father after he publicly blasted him for talking about her in an interview.

The 'Suicide Squad' star made a "very apologetic" phone call to Alexander Brangman, the father of Jewel Brangman, who tragically lost her life in a car crash.

Scott revealed: "He said, 'I didn't reach out because I didn't know what to say.' He was very apologetic.

"Maybe some day [we'll meet up]. That's to be continued. If we do get together, that could be something interesting. If he wants to confide in me the struggles he's been going through in regards to their relationship and her passing, I'll be more than glad to counsel him."

Alexander is now focusing on helping to prevent others from losing their lives in terrible accidents like Jewel did and would love for Scott to lend his voice to the cause.

He added to PEOPLE magazine: "My main goal is to save lives and be a voice. That's what Jewel was about. She was about helping people. I feel a duty to her - to show the world - the parent she came from and what the world lost in her.

"If he wanted to reach out and have a conversation with me where he can possibly be a help in being a voice to help save lives, that would be wonderful."

Meanwhile, the 30-year-old actor previously admitted he finds it hard to date after losing Jewel.

He recalled: "I dated a girl a couple of years ago who died in a car accident. The f***ed up thing is, it was a fender bender, and there was a recall on airbags. Her airbag exploded. It shot a projectile through her body. It split her spine, and ... I've never told anybody that.

"I've lost friends before; I've lost some great friends. But, I had never lost someone I had been really intimate with. Maybe it's made it harder for me to date."