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Scott Disick plans to retire from clubbing

Scott Disick plans to retire from clubbing

Scott Disick wants to retire from the club scene.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star is keen to reduce the number of club appearances he makes as he is starting to find them "so repetitive".

He told PEOPLE magazine: "I feels like [1 OAK] is a second home but I'm thinking about retiring from the whole appearances. I've just been doing it for so long. They just feels like it's so repetitive.

"I love them and I'm gonna try to have a good night, as I love it here, but part of me feels like I just can't keep doing these for the rest of my life either.

"It's just starting to feel like Groundhog's Day. I don't know if I can give the people what they want anymore."

Meanwhile, the 33-year-old television personality - who has Mason, six, Penelope, four, and Reign, 20 months, with his former partner Kourtney Kardashian - won't be getting back with the mother-of-three soon as she previously admitted she isn't ready to take him back yet.

She said: "I mean I'm so happy that Scott and I are getting along so well and that we're co-parenting, but I think hanging out with Scott without the kids...

"Scott can just take any little thing and run with it and think that like we're getting back together tomorrow.

"Right now, I can't even wrap my head around that idea, there's so much work that would be involved and I'm so not even there yet."