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Sarandon fears Pope assassination

Sarandon fears Pope assassination

Susan Sarandon fears someone is plotting to assassinate Pope Francis for his open views.

The 266th leader of the Catholic Church has openly condemned the practice of ignoring global warming and he was also instrumental in reestablishing diplomatic ties between the US and Cuba.

Although Pope Francis has not deviated from a few basic tenets of the religion, his more accepting viewpoints leads Susan to believe his life is in danger.

“I think they’re going to assassinate him,” she told the New York Daily News. “I think he’s done some major, major cleansing of the whole system.

“I love this Pope. He’s humble . . . he doesn’t live in the palatial whatever. I think he’s a Pope of the people.”

Billionaire and television star Donald Trump is currently running for President of the United States and he is leading all other Republican contenders in the race, according to polls.

Susan isn’t very shocked about Donald’s lead, as she believes he is speaking to a large majority of Americans.

“I think people are really starved for something authentic and even though he has no idea specifically what he’s talking about,” she explained. “He speaks to the guy who wishes he could say, ‘Everything’s a mess, we’re tired of the machine, we’re tired of politics as usual.’ I think it’s great that the Republicans have to figure out how to deal with him, it’s interesting.”

Susan has been an activist for most of her life and she currently supports Bernie Sanders for president.

She believes the more liberal politician has a huge chance of winning, even though some critics are convinced he is going to fail.

“Everybody said that about Obama,” she noted. “It’s like, the laziest way to do politics as usual. To just say, ‘Oh, well, he can’t get elected. I think at least he’ll make some very unexpected dialogue in the debates.”

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