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Sarah Silverman: Michael Sheen is a class act

Sarah Silverman: Michael Sheen is a class act

Comedienne Sarah Silverman has been given lessons in class by boyfriend Michael Sheen.

The US funnywoman started dating the Welsh actor in January 2014, and the pair often look loved up on the red carpet. Sarah is known for her crude sense of humour, while Michael ploughs a lot of his free time into charity work. The dynamic works well for the pair, with Sarah admitting he's been a good influence on her.

"He really classes me up and I just pull him right down to my level unfortunately for him I could go on and on," she giggled during an appearance on Inside the Actors Studio.

As well as sharing a life together, the stars both appear on his TV show Masters of Sex. The series, which will be back for a fourth run next year (16), details the pioneering work of scientists looking at human sexuality at the start of the sexual revolution. Michael plays Dr. William Masters.

"Bill Masters is played by the sexy, gorgeous, astoundingly brilliant – I'm just stalling because I can't remember his name," the actress joked. "Michael Sheen, who is also my real-life lover."

Sarah, 44, may be known as a funny lady, but she recently revealed she's been battling depression. While she can't help but gush how happy and lucky she feels to be with 46-year-old Michael, she still has dark days.

"I've lived with depression and learned to control it, or at least to ride the waves as best I can," she told Glamour magazine.

"I still have downward spirals, days when I have to drag myself onstage to do stand-up or I'm just tweeting Morrissey lyrics from my bed. But there's one thing I know that I used to not know: It will pass."

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