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Sarah Silverman loves TV nights with Michael Sheen

Sarah Silverman loves TV nights with Michael Sheen

Sarah Silverman's "best times" are watching TV in bed with Michael Sheen.

The 44-year-old comedian is at her most relaxed when she and her actor boyfriend have time off working and are chilling out at home together.

She said: "When my boyfriend and I are lying in bed and watching 'American Ninja Warrior', I snuggle up to him and I say, 'These are the best times!' "

The 'I Smile Back' star also spoke of her excitement at a recent encounter with broadcasting legend Oprah Winfrey.

She recalled to People magazine: "I was at a restaurant and Oprah and Gayle [King] were at another table.

"Oprah came over and it was just like you would dream it. She said my full name, 'Sar-ah Silver-mannnn!' It was so natural."

Sarah recently claimed Michael - who she appears with in 'Masters of Sex' - "classes her up".

She said: "He really classes me up and I just pull him right down to my level unfortunately for him. I could go on and on."

The brunette beauty also went on to gush about her "sexy, gorgeous and astoundingly brilliant" partner, before joking she'd forgotten his name.

Speaking about 'Masters of Sex', she said: "Bill Masters is played by the sexy, gorgeous, astoundingly brilliant - I'm just stalling because I can't remember his name ... Michael Sheen, who is also my real-life lover."