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Sarah Jessica Parker: Meeting with Robert Downey Jr. wasn't 'weird'

Sarah Jessica Parker: Meeting with Robert Downey Jr. wasn't 'weird'

Sarah Jessica Parker says reuniting with former flame Robert Downey Jr. was "surprisingly not weird".

The 'Sex in the City' actress and the 'Iron Man' star, both 51, dated for seven years between 1984 and 1991 after meeting on the set of Firstborn and when they ended up meeting last year Sarah found the experience to be "really nice", despite initially having reservations.

She said: "It was really nice [and] it was surprisingly not weird ... we were 18 when we met and fundamentally we are sort of the same. I think the difference is he has a family and a wife and obviously his career is a massive thing, but I think his true nature - it was completely familiar."

And the 'Divorce' star admitted that she "never felt resentment" towards Robert, even after their split which was mainly down to the actor's drug problems at the time.

In an interview with Howard Stern radio station Sirius XM on Tuesday (18.10.16), she said: "I always felt very affectionate towards him ... I thought it ended well in the way we broke up. I never didn't care about his well-being ... I never felt resentment."

Meanwhile, the 'Captain America: Civil War' star admitted in a 2008 interview that his problems with drink and drugs "didn't jibe" with Sarah, and ultimately caused their split because she was disappointed when he didn't change his self-destructive ways.

He said: "I liked to drink, and I had a drug problem, and that didn't jibe with Sarah Jessica, because it is the furthest thing from what she is. She provided me a home and understanding. She tried to help me. She was so miffed when I didn't get my act together."

Both parties have since moved on; Sarah married Matthew Broderick in 1997 and the couple have three children, son James, 14, and seven-year-old twin daughters Marion and Tabitha.

Robert tied the knot with his second wife Susan Downey in 2005 and they have two children together.