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Sarah Harding 'sick of being judged'

Sarah Harding 'sick of being judged'

Sarah Harding has broken down in tears and admitted she is "sick of being judged".

The 35-year-old singer insists she doesn't have a "thick skin" and is grateful for having a "second chance" to show people who she is after feeling lost following Girls Aloud's split.

Speaking on reality TV show 'Celebrity Big Brother', she said: "I know I've had my trials and tribulations over the years, a lot of which have been documented and a lot of which have been misconscued.

"It's hurtful - I haven't go thick skin and I don't think a lot of people realise that.

"When that all ended, I was like, 'Where do I go from here?'

"This is for me like getting a second chance to show people who I've grown into and I'm kind of a bit sick of being judged on the past because we all grow up at some point in our lives and you learn by your mistakes and your regrets.

"I want to make the most of this experience. It's not every day you get another opportunity to sort of make the most of your life."

Sarah was previously engaged to DJ Tom Crane, who she dated from June 2007 for five years, but revealed on Wednesday (02.08.17) she was ditched six months before her wedding, and was left with "nothing" and feeling "lonely".

She said: "A lot of my issues were down to being in a toxic relationship.

"For me it stems completely from being hurt, six months before I was due to get married.

"It all just tumbled around me and I had to front everything and he f**ked off to Ibiza and I had nothing and I felt like I had lost my family and my friends that we had all built for five years.

"I felt like I had no-one left that I could turn to. I was very lonely, I had a few good select friends that helped save me from myself, which I am so grateful for."

Tom previously confirmed the wedding was off on his Twitter account, writing: "Sarah and I have decided to take a break. I have nothing else to say."