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Sandra Bullock hates selfies

Sandra Bullock hates selfies

Sandra Bullock hates selfies.

The 'Miss Congeniality' star dislikes the current trend of snapping self-portrait photographs with a camera phone as she feels it has a negative impact on people's lives.

She said: "I hate taking selfies. I will not take a selfie that I can't erase. I don't post or do any of that stuff. People have these worlds they post and it's about projecting an image and getting likes. I read a great article about how there's a higher rate of depression because people are looking at everyone else's Facebook and seeing this picture-perfect life.

"We are not representing our lives truthfully. Like when you're yelling at your child, you're not taking a selfie of you being a horrible parent. No, you are waiting for the perfect selfie. 'Do I look thinner now? Do I look great?' It's this false projection of one's life. Hollywood has now gone global. Everyone's Hollywood now."

The 51-year-old actress - who has two children, Louis and Laila - is also worried how these images can affect young people.

She told The Times newspaper: "I think it's frightening for kids and young people, developing who they are, to have that false sense of acceptance based on an image. How do you unravel that when it's being pushed hard?"