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Samuel L Jackson's size worries

Samuel L Jackson's size worries

Samuel L. Jackson won't do nude scenes because he's worried about the size of his penis.

The 67-year-old actor joked that he would ask for a "d**k double" before doing a full frontal scene in a movie.

Speaking to Howard Stern on his Sirius XM radio show, he said: "I might ask for a d**k double."

When Howard asked: "Do you feel your penis isn't big enough to show off on camera?", Howard replied: "I don't know if it's... yeah. I don't know if it's formidable enough. My aura's so big, I don't know if my d**k is big enough to fill my aura."

Samuel also insisted he rarely does love scenes in his movies because they're "extremely awkward" to film.

He said: "You ask before you start, 'Where can I touch you? Where shouldn't I touch you?' Then you apologise for both reasons. 'I'm sorry if I get excited' and 'I'm sorry if I don't.' Because sometimes it just ain't happening!"

And the actor told the DJ that his stammer is cured when he says "motherf***er".

The 'Hateful Eight' actor's speech impediment was so debilitating when he was younger, he was bullied and "stopped speaking for almost a year in school" but discovered an unusual way to rectify it.

He explained: "I have no idea [how] but it just does. It clicks a switch that stops the d-d-d b-b-b, because me, I stuttered really, really, really badly for a long time."