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Samuel L. Jackson once signed a sex toy

Samuel L. Jackson once signed a sex toy

Samuel L. Jackson has revealed the most unusual thing a fan has ever asked him to sign is a "Rabbit" sex toy.

The 'Avengers' star is happy to oblige people's requests for autographs and selfies but he was shocked when one female admirer requested he ink her love aid.

Despite his surprise, Jackson happily obliged the lady's odd wish.

When asked what the weirdest thing he's ever had to autograph is, he shared: "I guess that would be between a Rabbit and boob. It wasn't the same girl, but this one girl had me autograph her Rabbit ... which was bizarre. I guess that means I'm home with her ... having fun with her."

Jackson regularly gets asked by girls to sign their breasts and if it makes people happy then he's fine with putting pen to flesh.

Speaking to ShortList magazine, he added: "I've signed tons of boobs over my career, in different places."

Another common autograph request he gets is from people who want him to sign "Bad Motherf***er" wallets - which are replicas of the wallet his character Jules Winnfield carries in 1194 cult classic movie 'Pulp Fiction'.

Jackson, 67, said: "If people want me to sign a 'Bad Motherf***er' wallet or they have an action figure or ... a boob ... then I go, 'Well, I'll sign your boob if you go to a tattoo parlour and get it done permanently. I have seen some really, really bizarre tattoos of me on people's bodies - as Jules, Mace Windu (from 'Star Wars') or whatever."