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Sam Smith releasing calendar

Sam Smith releasing calendar

Sam Smith is now a "calendar girl".

The 'Stay With Me' hitmaker has announced he is releasing an official calendar for 2016 and wanted to make it "extra special" for fans as he used to work in Clinton Cards, a UK retailer which stocks similar products.

Sharing images of the cover and back page on his Instagram account, he wrote: "Good day one and all. Soooo I'm officially a calendar girl. It's so weird actually coz I used to work in Clinton cards (lol) and see all the calendars, so I wanted to make this extra special. Hope you all like xx (sic)"

The 23-year-old singer is in a particularly good mood as he has finally returned home after several months on the road.

He posted yesterday (19.08.15): "LONDON. I am HOME. It's been 2 months. Longest I've been away. It feels so insanely good to be back (sic)"

Sam recently spoke out about how "upset" he feels that other gay people around the world don't all have the same "freedom" he does.

In a series of emotional tweets, he wrote: "Sometimes I sit and get so upset when I think about all the 100's and thousands of gay men and woman all over the world ... Who are going through such heartache and hard times for just wanting to love someone they love ... It makes me so sad and sometimes feel so guilty that I have that simplest freedom whilst others don't ... Sorry to get so deep, but it kills me. I don't understand why more of us aren't doing something about it. I'll leave it there. (sic)"