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Sam Smith is Lady Gaga's biggest fan

Sam Smith is Lady Gaga's biggest fan

Sam Smith is the "biggest Lady Gaga fan".

The 'Writing's On The Wall' hitmaker has praised the 'Pokerface' singer and gushed about a possible collaboration.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "I'm the biggest Gaga fan there is. I queued up for her shows when I was 17!"

Meanwhile, the chance of a duet was nearly scuppered as the 29-year-old singer and actress previously revealed she nearly quit music because she felt she was just a "money making machine".

She said: "I have had to make decisions. 'Why am I unhappy? Okay, Stefani (her real name), Gaga, hybrid-person. Why are you unhappy? Why is it that you wanted to quit music years ago?' I feel sad when I'm overworked, and that I just become a money making machine, and that my passion and my creativity take a back seat; that makes me unhappy. It feels shallow. I have a lot more to offer than my image.

"Slowly but surely, I remembered who I am. Then you go home and you look in the mirror and you're like 'Yes, I can go to bed with you every night.' Cause that person? I know that person. That person has balls. That person has integrity. That person just doesn't say yes."