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Sadie Frost cried over phone-free dinner with her kids

Sadie Frost cried over phone-free dinner with her kids

Sadie Frost burst into tears when her children ditched their phones in favour of a gadget-free dinner with her.

The 50-year-old actress couldn't believe it when her kids, Rafferty, 19, Iris, 15, and Rudy, 13, whom she has with her ex-husband Jude Law, decided to abandon technology for a few hours in order to eat at the table as a family with no distractions.

She explained: "I spent at least an hour convincing the kids to leave their phones in their bedrooms. But the upshot is so rewarding. The other night, I caught sight of these beautiful beings, chatting and listening to one another without any gadgets to distract them, and I just welled up. I want more of this, the innocent date nights with my family."

And, as the brunette beauty is on a mission to beat technology, Sadie - who also has adult son Finlay with Spandau Ballet's Gary Kemp - believes she's a lot more at peace now she's older and a regular practitioner of yoga.

Speaking to Balance magazine, she said: "Life's a lot calmer now thanks to my daily meditation and yoga practice - taking time out for myself helps me juggle my roles as a parent, actress, producer and fashion designer."

Not only does she feel more content with her demanding career but she's also getting more shut eye every night.

She added: "Insomnia sucks at the best of times. I should know - there was a time when I'd only manage two hours' sleep a night which left me feeling anxious and on edge."