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Ryan Reynolds' Game of Thrones 'obsession'

Ryan Reynolds' Game of Thrones 'obsession'

Ryan Reynolds' "obsession" with 'Game of Thrones' affected his marriage.

Blake Lively - who has 3-month-old daughter James with husband Ryan - joked the 'Deadpool' star's addiction to the popular television show meant he was struggling during the HBO series' off-air time, leading to "tough points" in the couple's marriage.

She quipped to E! News: "My husband, I'm outing him and I shouldn't, but he became obsessed with [Game of Thrones].

"He did everything he could to pirate episodes that hadn't even been shot yet. So that was a little tough point in our marriage. Now we're through it because there's a new season coming out."

The couple are throughly enjoying bringing up their little girl and the 27-year-old actress has admitted she's finding it both "awesome and exhausting" being a new mother.

She said: "[It's] awesome and exhausting. It's everything that everyone always says.

"I want to say something different than anyone else, but there's a reason everyone says the same things. It's going good."

And Blake is also pleased about her post-baby body, joking: "My boobs are pretty huge and awesome. That's probably the most thing significant change [about being a mom]."