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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively fell in love on double date

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively fell in love on double date

Hollywood couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively realised they were meant to be together on a double date - with other people.

Ryan and Blake became pals while filming The Green Lantern together in 1999 and 2000, but there was no romance until they met during an awkward outing after the movie wrapped.

"About a year after Green Lantern had come and gone and we were both single we went on a double date," Ryan told SiriusXM's Entertainment Weekly Radio.

"She was on a date with another guy and I was on a date with another girl and it was, like, the most awkward date for the respective parties because we were just like fireworks."

The couple wed in September, 2012, and the actor insists their friendship-first approach to romance has made their marriage perfect.

"We were buddies for a long time, which I think is the best way to have a relationship," he added.

Reynolds, who is 11 years older than his wife, was previously married to Scarlett Johansson from 2008 to 2011.

He shares 14-month-old daughter James with current spouse Lively and when their child grows up, Reynolds hopes to impart important life wisdom to his progeny.

"Discipline, (and) I don't mean discipline in the sense of corporal punishment," the star said of what he wants to pass along to James. "I never had a great relationship with my father – he died maybe two months ago. And James is actually named after him, my dad's name is James. But one of the great gifts he gave me was discipline.

"He taught me to work so hard that whatever you're aiming for, whatever goal you had, it'll come true, it'll materialise if you just keep pushing."

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