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Ryan Reynolds always pressed for time

Ryan Reynolds always pressed for time

Ryan Reynolds claims parenting has given him "anxiety".

The 40-year-old actor loves being a father to daughters James, two, and five-month-old Ines - who he has with wife Blake Lively - but he now finds he is constantly in a rush and has to cram things into short bursts of time.

He said: "I think you're just more desperate in everything you do cause you're like, 'I've got 10 minutes to do this, and then I gotta get home for a thing, and a thing, and a thing...'

"There's just no time anymore, so you're hardened by it. Anxiety, I think, that's probably it."

But one thing Ryan does like to find the time for is hanging out with his friend and 'Life' co-star Jake Gyllenhaal because they have a great bond.

He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "There's a certain harmony that comes when we're both together."

Jake added: "It's a beauty that is unmatched pretty much anywhere, I would think.

"Though Garth Brooks may try his hand. I don't think he would come close."

Ryan then quipped: "[Bing] Crosby and [Fred] Astaire gave it a shot back in (1942 film) 'Holiday Inn', and a few other ones, but nope, not a chance."

The 'Deadpool' actor recently risked the wrath of his wife when he claimed Jake, 36, is a better cook than Blake.

He said: "Blake, my wife, is very good at cooking, and Jake might be just a little bit better. He can throw down. It gets very competitive between the two."

However, Ryan knew his spouse wouldn't be too impressed by his comment.

He joked: "I'm moving out at the end of the month. I'm actually moving out right now, under this desk. I'm already making plans."