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Ryan O'Neal's son asks for money to fund dog surgery

Ryan O'Neal's son asks for money to fund dog surgery

Ryan O'Neal's son is asking for $2,000 to help fund his dog's surgery.

Griffin O'Neal - the son of Ryan and actress Joanna Moore - has created a GoFundMe account so he can pay for 10-year-old Chihuahua Chilly to fix his leg.

The father-of-four wrote: "Last week he jumped off of the bed wrong and busted the cruciate ligament in his left knee, and possibly shattered his meniscus.

"Chilly is part of our family, so there was no question that his knee needs to be repaired. We hoped it was just a sprain but after a few days realized it wasn't going to heal on it's own (sic)"

He added: "Chilly is otherwise healthy, and has many good years left to live."

The canine's surgery will consist of a surgeon removing the damaged tissue and using a "ligament from another part of Chilly's leg to construct a new system for the knee".

He has so far received over $1,400 in donations.

According to the New York Post, Griffin - who acted in 10 movies before her retired - couldn't ask his famous father for the money because they haven't seen each other since a fight in 2007.

Last year, 52-year-old Griffin - whose sister is Tatum O'Neal - admitted he had to "walk away" from his famous family.

He said: "My whole family has been absolutely destroyed to smithereens from drug addiction and alcoholism. The common denominator is drugs and alcohol and depression and it's a never-ending cycle. I had to walk away from all of it. I'm done."