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Ryan Gosling fans preferred Twitter impersonator

Ryan Gosling fans preferred Twitter impersonator

Ryan Gosling was deluged with "angry tweets" by people who preferred his impersonator.

The 'La La Land' actor only joined the social networking site when he discovered there was someone else posting as him, but his followers were less than impressed by his mundane musings.

He admitted: "I got a Twitter because some guy was pretending to be me. Someone told me, 'I follow you on Twitter, you're tweeting all the time!'

"And that day that person had tweeted, 'Just had a taco downtown. Gotta love those Mexicans.' I was like, 'Alright, this has got to stop.'

"Immediately, I started getting angry tweets saying: 'You're a bad you. The other guy was a better you.' "

The 36-year-old actor - who has children Esmeralda, two, and Amada, six months, with partner Eva Mendes - is also "confused" by the popularity of videos of his younger self, taken from talent shows before he made his professional debut in 'The All New Mickey Mouse Club' when he was 12, that crop up on YouTube.

He told Variety: "It's a big surprise when they show up on the web.

"I'm confused -- by how confident I was. That level of confidence was unearned."

But Ryan's online presence is best known through the 'Hey, Girl' memes - featuring a variety of random statement - even though he has no idea where they originated.

He pointed out: "I've never said that."

There was also a 2013 video entitled 'Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal', in which creator Ryan McHenry held a spoon to the TV, which featured clips of the 'Drive' actor looking away from the camera, making it seem as if the star was snubbing his food.

Ryan - who paid tribute to McHenry after he died of cancer last year by posting a Vine of himself eating cereal - said of the video: "That was strange. Just walking down the street, people would say, 'Why won't you eat your cereal? Are you too good for cereal?' "