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Russell Brand wanted Scientology conversion

Russell Brand wanted Scientology conversion

Russell Brand was disappointed when Tom Cruise didn't try to convert him to Scientology.

The 39-year-old comic starred alongside the actor - a prominent member of the sci-fi cult - in 'Rock of Ages' and dropped many hints that he was interested in the faith, but he thinks he is too much of a "trouble maker" to be accepted.

He said: "What I done was, I would just mooch around and look a bit down in the dumps, by Tom Cruise's trailer and sometimes when we were doing a scene, I'd go, 'Oh Tom, [if only there was a system] for all these feelings and thoughts I have and sometimes I wonder what's the point Tom, is there a God? Isn't there? Is there some way of analysing this data?'

"He was not interested. He couldn't give a monkeys about trying to sign me up. I was gutted. They thought I was a trouble maker probably. (sic)"

Despite his spiritual disappointment, Russell has no hard feelings and thinks Tom is a "nice" man.

He added on his audioBoom podcast: "He's ever so nice... He bought me a yoga mat.

"He's brilliant isn't he, Tom Cruise and he's so kind."