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Russell Brand's 1m renovations

Russell Brand
Russell Brand

Russell Brand is spending £1 million on renovations to his country retreat.

The 40-year-old comedian and actor splashed out £3.3 million on a six-bedroom mansion in Oxfordshire last year but is ready to plough even more money into it to make it into his dream home.

The Sun reports that Russell is adding a swimming pool and private cinema but a pal has joked about the upgrades to the property as Russell has frequently railed against economic disparity between the rich and poor.

Referring to Russell's book 'Revolution', the pal said: "It's not much of a revolution but everyone would love their own cinema.

"Russell wants the best and can afford to buy it. He admits in private he likes the finer things in life.

"This house and its renovations -- which will come to just under £1million all in -- reflect that."

The Hollywood star has been widely mocked for persistently calling for a revolution, despite living such a comfortable lifestyle himself.

Among Russell's most outspoken critics has been his long-time friend Noel Gallagher.

The former Oasis star previously said: "He told me he is writing another book. I said what is it going to be called this time? 'Now about that revolution that never took place'.

"He is playing Xbox. Revolutionary Russell is playing PS4."