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Rose McGowan is officially divorced

Rose McGowan is officially divorced

Rose McGowan and David Leavitt are officially divorced.

The former 'Charmed' star requested to legally dissolve their three-year marriage in February - 18 months after their split - and, after months of negotiations between lawyers, the former couple are now separated under the eyes of the law.

According to E! News, the divorce was finalised on Thursday (10.11.16) and neither party has asked for spousal support.

The couple - who got married in October 2013 after less than two years of dating - have no children together.

The 43-year-old actress - who previously dated rocker Marilyn Manson and director Robert Rodriguez - hasn't spoken out about the split, but she recently slammed the "boring" industry and claimed she stepped away from life in front of the camera because there are not enough "intelligent and daring" films.

In an Instagram post, she wrote: "Thoughts on the current state of tent pole films aka superheroes. I'd like to petition for other stories to be added to the slate. Where are the human stories? I don't want green goblins and tight outfits. I want intelligence, daring, work that drives society forward. I want a mirror, not every cliché regurgitated ad nauseum. From Scarface, to Lebowski, to M, to Anchor Man, to the sublime Carol, to Chinatown,to Sullivan's Travels-. Let's bring complexity back. Let's be the badasses we used to be. Open up the director's chair and it'll change. #hollywood #directing think of all the stories not on screen because women are blocked by the status quo. F**k the status quo. Honestly, it got so boring in front of the camera I had to quit. Boring often times egomaniacal tyrants not making art. Hmmm.. Why ever should that change? Add women. Change the conversation. Promote depth. (sic)"