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Rose Byrne 'annoys' her friends

Rose Byrne 'annoys' her friends

Rose Byrne's friends find her "annoying".

The 36-year-old Australian actress - who played the controlling hen in the comedy 'Bridesmaids' - has confessed she shares similarities with her character Helen Harris III as her pals find her irritating but she insists it is not because she is a "meddler" in their business.

Speaking about her personality to The New York Post at the screening of her upcoming movie 'The Meddler', the brunette beauty said: "I'm not a meddler, but I'm annoying in various ways if you ask my friends."

The star who is set to play Lori Minervini in the latest production alongside 'The Big Short' actor Billy Magnussen, has admitted to get into character, she reverted back to her former teenage self.

She explained: "I was trying to get my inner rage. When you're a teenager, you're always kind of meanest to the people who love you the most."

Meanwhile, Rose - who has two-month-old Rocco with partner Bobby Cannavale - is currently working on achieving her post-baby weight.

Speaking previously about attaining her goal weight, she said: "I'm feeling good. I'm not getting that much sleep, but that's alright! It goes with the territory. I'm nearly there. I went to the gym, which was exciting. I haven't done that for a while!"