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Rooney Mara slams Hollywood's gender pay gap

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Rooney Mara slams Hollywood's gender pay gap

Rooney Mara thinks Hollywood is "having the wrong conversation" about the gender pay gap.

The 'Carol' star believes the focus on the conversation should be on why women don't get paid as much as men not just the fact that they are.

She shared: "I think that we're having the wrong conversation. The conversation isn't we're not getting paid as much as men.

"The conversation should be why and where does that come from because it's just a side effect of something much greater."

The 30-year-old actress also slammed the language used to describe women who are "opinionated and self-possesed" as unfair.

She added to Deadline: "If you're a female who is sort of opinionated or has a point of view or is self-possessed in a way, you get described with this language in ways that others would never talk about me.

"I think when you're getting paid less, there's sort of this sense that, 'Well you don't really respect me or feel like you need me as much as you need these other people.'"

The issue of the gender pay gap in Hollywood has been a hot topic of conversation ever since hacked Sony emails revealed Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams had been paid less for their roles in 'American Hustle' than their male co-stars.