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Ronnie Wood wants Mick Jagger to sing lullabies to twins

Ronnie Wood wants Mick Jagger to sing lullabies to twins

Ronnie Wood wants his Rolling Stones bandmate Sir Mick Jagger to "sing lullabies" to his twin daughters.

The 68-year-old guitarist will become a father for the fifth time when his wife Sally Humphreys gives birth to the two babies this summer and after Mick, 72, told him he would be up for babysitting once they are one Ronnie now expects him to soothe his kids to sleep with his distinctive voice.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the launch of the rock group's new venture 'Exhibitionism' in London, Ronnie said: "Mick told me he's a good nanny after one year so he can come and sing lullabies to them."

Ronnie and Sally's tots are due to be born in June and he can't wait to be a dad again and get stuck into the "great fun" of changing dirty nappies and doing night time feeds.

The six-string strummer - who already has four grown-up children, Jesse, 39, from his first marriage to Krissy Findlay, Leah, 37 and Tyrone, 32, with second wife Jo Wood, and her son Jamie, 42, whom he adopted - shared: "It's going to be great fun in June, I'm expecting two baby girls, Sally and I are really excited and I can't wait to be rocking them to sleep and changing their nappies and going through it all again."

Ronnie's kids are just as excited about the new arrivals as he is and Tyrone has already picked out a present for his little sisters.

This week, he revealed: "I can't wait to meet my little sisters, I'm ecstatic about it. I've already got them Jellycat rabbits, they're little soft lovely rabbits for babies."

While Leah is intrigued to find out who twin tots look like.

She previously said: "I am actually (looking forward to their arrival). My dad is very happy. I'm quite curious to see what they look like."

'Exhibitionism' contains artefacts and iconic items from The Rolling Stones' six-decade spanning career and is open now at the Saatchi Gallery in London.