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Ronnie Wood wants baby twins to live a normal lifestyle

Ronnie Wood wants baby twins to live a normal lifestyle

Ronnie Wood doesn't want his baby twin daughters to live a "bling lifestyle".

The Rolling Stones rocker - whose wife Sally gave birth to their twin girls Gracie Jane and Alice Rose three weeks ago - doesn't want his girls growing up thinking that having nice things in life is "normal" and wants them to lead as ordinary a life as possible despite his showbiz status and wealth.

He said: "We just want our girls to be happy and healthy. We don't want them to live any sort of bling lifestyle."

And so the couple haven't gone all out on building a fancy nursery for their little girls and have even been handed down a second-hand cot from his son Jesse's little boy.

He said: "We haven't got a flash nursery all done up, we've got a room in the house. We've been given Rex's [Fearne and Jesse's three-year-old son] old cot now he's grown out of it and we want things for them to be as normal as they can possibly be."

One special gift they did have personalised for them was a baby carrier made out of guitar straps with "Ronnettes" on it.

Sally revealed: "I had a baby carrier specially designed for the twins made from guitar straps so I can hold the girls both at the same time. It's the right height and it's incredibly comfortable. It's got "Ronnettes" in studs on the back because Gracie and Alice are my Ronnettes. I love it."

And whilst they are thrilled with their new arrivals, the happy couple have no plans to have anymore kids.

Sally, 38, added: "We've got twins. We don't need to worry about having any other babies. We've got a family."

And the 69-year-old musician is glad to be surrounded by so many women and says his mum doesn't think he'd like it any other way because when he was born in 1947, seven other girls were delivered on the same hospital ward.

He told HELLO! magazine: "The day I was born, there me and seven other girls delivered on that day in the hospital. My mum always said afterwards I wouldn't ever be happy unless I had seven girls around me. Now I have three and with Dolly the dog that makes four and there's a few other great women in our lives so I'm very, very happy."