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Ronnie Wood quits smoking

Ronnie Wood quits smoking

Ronnie Wood has quit smoking.

The Rolling Stones rocker has decided to pack in the nasty habit once and for all in a bid to get healthy following the birth of his twin daughters Alice and Gracie last month.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Ronnie is giving them [cigarettes] up for good. He's really serious about kicking the habit and has been constantly puffing on his vape stick. It's the longest he's gone without cigarettes in 50 years."

Although his wife Sally - whom he married in 2012 - is backing Ronnie's decision to ditch the cigarettes, his bandmate Keith Richards, 72, is baffled by his healthy approach and has joked that they can no longer be friends.

The insider said: "While Sally is over the moon, Keith has been telling everyone he looks ridiculous. Keith says giving up fags shows a complete lack of commitment, which has amused Ronnie no end. Keith jokingly told Ronnie they might as well not be pals seeing as they can no longer drink or smoke together anymore."

Ronnie - who has been to rehab eight times for his battle with alcoholism - has been off the bottle for almost six years now and has admitted he wouldn't be able to survive if he was still boozing while on tour with the band.

The 69-year-old rocker said recently: "There are some entries in my diary [from earlier days in the band] where it says, 'Great night last night. Sick twice.' But in those days it used to bounce off us - that and all the travel we did in the van. We'd grin and bear it. If I had to do it now I probably wouldn't last a week."

And it seems the rocker was inspired to jump on the healthy bandwagon after seeing fellow musicians and friends die.

He said: "I've seen all the people dropping like flies over the years and it makes me realize how lucky I am."

Meanwhile, as well as Alice and Gracie, Ronnie also has children Jamie, 41, Jesse, 39, Leah, 37, and Tyrone, 32.