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Ronan Keating was 'always' meant to marry Storm

Ronan Keating was 'always' meant to marry Storm

Ronan Keating was "always" meant to marry his wife Storm.

The 39-year-old singer songwriter - who re-married last year - was destined to be with his second wife, despite being married to his former partner Yvonne Connolly - with whom he has three children Jack, 17, Missy, 15, and Ali, 10 - for 17 years.

Speaking to HELLO! magazine about their flourishing romance, the 34-year-old said: "It feels like we were always meant to be together."

And the blonde beauty - who will be celebrating her first wedding anniversary with the star on August 17 - has revealed she is "proud" to call the 'When You Say Nothing At All' hitmaker her husband and believes the title has given his children confidence she will be around for the long haul.

She explained: "It makes me very proud when I refer to 'my husband'. And for the kids, too. I'm sure it gives them more security knowing that we're officially a family now and I'm not someone who may one day walk out of their lives.

"If we lost everything tomorrow and the two of us ended up living in a shack on the beach in the middle of nowhere, then I would still be the happiest woman in the world. You can face everything in life when you know you've already got everything you need in just one person."

And the father of three has admitted even is children have noticed how happy he is.

He said: "They can see how happy I am. And it's about making them know they are loved."

Meanwhile, the couple have teased they are planning to expand their brood.

Speaking about plans to have more children, Storm said: "Please God that it works out for us. Ronan is a great dad. He is amazing."