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Ron Perlman: Sons of Anarchy was a juggernaut

Ron Perlman: Sons of Anarchy was a juggernaut

Ron Perlman found being part of Sons of Anarchy “phenomenal”.

The 65-year-old played Clarence ‘Clay’ Morrow in the crime drama, which ended in December last year after seven series. The FX show became cult viewing as it progressed, and Ron is proud he got to witness the show’s rise in popularity firsthand.

“Somewhere in the middle of Season One, the audience responded almost immediately in time to the plot turning dramatic and shocking. That's when we on the show realized what we were and what we weren't,” he told Rolling Stone. “From that point on, we got momentum that nobody could believe; even the network was surprised by how we kept shattering not only their own records for viewers but our own each year. It’s phenomenal when you happen to be one of those guys that gets to enjoy that kind of juggernaut experience. It has probably changed the courses of all of our lives, those of us who were involved in it day to day.”

Ron’s character was an anti-hero, which the viewers knew they had to love to hate. The actor enjoys taking on such roles as they have so many personal hurdles that need to be overcome during the course of a production.

“They are flawed. An antihero is a hero who is fighting against his own demons in order to do things that are ultimately altruistic; that's an interesting thing to watch,” he explained. “The struggle to overcome the darker sides of yourself and then ultimately doing something that leads to self-sacrifice is basically the definition of heroism.”

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