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Roger Daltrey: Don't give in to terrorism

Roger Daltrey: Don't give in to terrorism

Roger Daltrey has urged fellow musicians to keep touring the world and not give in to terrorism following the devastating scenes in Brussels yesterday (22.03.16).

The Who frontman has issued a rallying cry to artists, encouraging them to "keep calm and carry on" playing gigs all around the world, a day after more than 30 members of the public were killed in the Belgian capital when suicide bombers blew themselves up at various locations in the city.

When asked by TMZ if he thought musicians should cancel their tours in the wake of the disaster, Roger said: "We have to carry on, we have to carry on. We can't stop and give in to them.

"We have to go on with our lives. We can't let this stop [us], otherwise it's won. Terrorism's won and we can't let that happen. Full stop.

"Keep calm and carry on. That's the British way."

His comments come after Mariah Carey was said to have been warned not to perform her scheduled show in Brussels on Sunday (27.03.16).

A source told the gossip website her security team is "strongly against" the superstar singer performing the concert.

The terrifying attacks occurred just five months after a similar situation in Paris, where terrorists killed 130 people, including 89 at the Bataclan theatre where the Eagles of Death Metal were playing a gig to around 1,500 people.