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Roger Daltrey bemoans Quadrophenia sequel plans

Roger Daltrey bemoans Quadrophenia sequel plans

Roger Daltrey has refused to give his backing to a sequel to 'Quadrophenia'.

The Who singer, whose band's rock opera inspired the original cult move, has it out at plans to make a much-discussed sequel, saying it is a blatant "money-making exercise".

He said: "What we created with 'Quadrophenia' was special and unique and shouldn't be f***** around with."

The 72-year-old star described the plans as "opportunistic" and has refused to give them his seal of approval.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "It's just a money-making exercise.

"'Quadrophenia' stands on its own and is an iconic film. We haven't given this project our blessing.

"If someone wants to make a new film about mods, that's up to them, but they can't use our characters and trade off our creation by calling it an authorised sequel, which it is not. It seems a bit opportunist."

Roger said that any sequel should been signed off by The Who's manager and the original film's producer, respectively.

The rock icon said: "Anything to do with 'Quadrophenia' has to come with The Who, Bill Curbishley and Roy Baird's approval."

Meanwhile, The Who are currently preparing to perform at this weekend's Isle of White Festival, and Roger is thoroughly looking forward to the gig.

He said: "We've played the Isle of Wight three times, 1969, 1970 and 2004. There's always a special atmosphere and a great crowd.

"There was a curfew at Glastonbury, so hopefully we can play longer."

Roger also recalled one particularly cold year when The Doors were performing, and he hung out with Jim Morrison.

He shared: "I was with Jim Morrison and we were both absolutely freezing.

"There were lots of old boxes and bits of wood lying around, so we got some of the roadies to help us light a fire to keep ourselves warm.

"That's all we had, other than a bottle of Southern Comfort."