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Rogan O'Connor wants to find love

Rogan O'Connor wants to find love

Rogan O'Connor wants to "find love".

The Dreamboys star - who found fame on the second series of 'Ex on the Beach' and is set to appear in tonight's (29.08.15) episode of the third series - has admitted he's sick of girls assuming he's a player as he'd love to settle down.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I'm not quite like I was when I filmed the second series because I was like, let's just go and have fun and let's not care about anything. But now I've got over that and I do want to find a nice girl but because of how I've been on TV and because girls have seen me that way, I think it's hard for them to trust me so I get misjudged as being a player. That's not what I am anymore, I've calmed down a lot and I want to find love."

The 24-year-old hunk also confessed he definitely wants to start a family in the future as he often gets broody around his pals' children.

Asked if he would like to be a father one day, Rogan joked: I probably already am! No, I'd love to. I get really broody! My ex-girlfriend had two little girls so I was a dad for a while and I loved it so yeah, absolutely.

"Maybe not just yet, while I'm still being me, but when I'm done being a naughty bear I'd love to settle down and have a baby or two."

'Ex on the Beach' continues tonight (29.09.15) at 10pm on MTV.