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Rod Stewart shunned drugs because he loves soccer

Rod Stewart shunned drugs because he loves soccer

Rod Stewart's love of soccer discouraged him from using drugs.

The 70-year-old rock star admitted he dabbled with narcotics in the past, but says he never over-indulged because it would have made playing soccer the next day virtually impossible.

He explained: "I never bought any drugs. Never. We did some coke sometimes in the Faces, but it was never important to me."

The 'Maggie May' hitmaker said it would have been too much for him to play the sport having used drugs the night before.

He told Loaded: "You can't go on the field after a skin-full of that. Well, I couldn't. I've just never been a real druggie person."

Meanwhile, Rod admitted that during his younger years with the Faces, he would have struggled to take to the stage without having had a few drinks to calm his nerves.

The singer - who is married to model Penny Lancaster-Stewart - shared: "Back in the Faces days we all used to drink Mateus Rose, with that funny-shaped bottle. I think we put it on the map.

"We had no confidence, so we'd get routinely drunk or we wouldn't have been able to play otherwise."