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Rochelle Humes' motherhood dilemma

Rochelle Humes' motherhood dilemma

Rochelle Humes finds it "hard to know the right thing to do" as a mother.

The Saturdays singer had a tough decision to make recently when her daughter Alaia's pet goldfish passed away and sought advice from her Twitter followers on how best to deal with the situation.

She wrote: "Parents - help!! Alaia's goldfish has just passed :( Do I tell her in the morning the truth (in a nice way) or is the fish on holiday? ... (sic)"

Whilst some suggested she told her the truth, others encouraged her to stick with the holiday plan.

One fan wrote: "Definitely tell her the truth, then make a big deal of going buying a new fish, mummy and daughter day (sic)"

Whilst another shared: "at her age, tell her it's on a city break then buy her a new one! (sic)"

Later in the day, Rochelle took to Twitter to reveal her and husband Marvin Humes' decision and admitted it can be difficult to know what to do when all she wants is to "protect her little one".

She wrote: "We've gone for honesty. Thanks guys. Sometimes its hard to know the right thing to do when you just want to protect your little one (sic)"

Meanwhile, Rochelle and Marvin recently enjoyed a short trip to Venice and left Alaia-Mai with her grandmother. She joked she is "suspicious" of the fun her daughter had whilst they were away.

She said: "I hate leaving her, it's either all of us out the country or one of us. But my mum stayed at our house and Alaia had the best time, she didn't want us to come back.

"She was like, 'Oh no, I'm busy with Nanny'. She went bowling, she went here, there and everywhere. I'm sure she had lots of chocolates that Mummy is a bit more strict on and she was like, 'When is Nanny staying again?' I was like, not for a little while, you had too much fun, I'm suspicious."