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Rochelle Humes makes unrealistic plans

Rochelle Humes makes unrealistic plans

Rochelle Humes makes plans she can't stick to.

The Saturdays singer - who has two-year-old daughter Alaia-Mai with husband Marvin Humes - often finds herself agreeing to do things even when she knows she won't be able to accomplish them.

She said: "I say yes to things that aren't always achievable.

"Like, I tell people I'm on my way somewhere when I'm actually on my way home."

However, the 'Ego' singer insists that isn't her worst habit.

She said: "My worst habit is biting my nails - it's horrible, I know. Marvin leaves wet towels on the floor."

And Rochelle and Marvin both admit they sometimes "can't be a**ed" to look their best.

Marvin said: "When I look in the mirror, I see a face that needs a shave but I can't be a**ed."

Rochelle added: "And I see a face that needs make-up on it but sometimes I can't be a**ed either."

When they aren't working, the couple love to relax by watching TV in bed, surrounded by their favourite foods.

Marvin told heat magazine: "My guilty pleasure is getting lots of chocolate and sweets and watching a box set in bed.

"Episode after episode until my eyes are burning and I can't watch any more. That's how we tend to spend our evenings."