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Robbie Williams' X-rated disappointment

Robbie Williams' X-rated disappointment

Robbie Williams was disappointed when an X-rated story he told on TV was axed.

The 'Let Me Entertain You' hitmaker relayed a story about once letting a stranger pleasure herself in the bedroom of his rented castle during a recent appearance on 'The Graham Norton Show', but he tale has now been wiped from the internet.

He said: "They have taken it down, they have taken it off. Because it's the BBC and there were complaints. I think there are MPs asking questions.

"Free the Maureen!"

But the star has no regrets over telling the tale because at least people will remember him for it in years to come.

He added to The Sun newspaper: "I have very much learned with the Graham Norton thing, with the story I told on there.

"So many TV shows were unmemorable, nobody really remembers performances on the Brits.

"Unless you fall over, like Madonna, nobody really remembers it. And I kind of realised it early on.

"You had to do something and say something that's memorable, that sticks out. People are still talking about that moment now so, 'Tick!' "

While some of his fans were left shocked by the story, Robbie's mum gave him her seal of approval after the episode.

He said: "My dad didn't say anything, but my mum sent me an email like five days later which was like, 'I saw you on Graham Norton, I thought you were very funny.'

"I was like, 'Oh so that's been acknowledged ... oh OK, that's cool.'"