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Robbie Williams' sneaky smoking

Robbie Williams' sneaky smoking

Robbie Williams spent five weeks waking up an hour before his wife to sneak out of the window and have a crafty cigarette without her knowing.

The 'Let Me Entertain You' hitmaker didn't tell Ayda Field he had started smoking again after giving up four years previously, and he managed to keep it from her by downing mouthwash to make his breath smell nice, but once mistakenly washed his mouth with hand sanitiser instead.

He said: "Unfortunately, I went on a diet and it was so extreme that four days in I just wanted to suppress the feelings I was having and I instantly picked up a cigarette after four years of not smoking.

"I didn't tell Ayda because I didn't want her to worry and because I felt like a 14 year old behind the bike sheds.

"In the morning I would wake up an hour before Ayda, go up through the window, take my top off, be stood there half naked get that buzzing feeling and not be able to get back through the window. And I didn't get the Listerine and washed my mouth out with hand sanitiser. It was five weeks until I told Ayda. I am going to give up soon that is going to happen."

But one thing Ayda - who Robbie has kids Teddy, four, and two-year-old Charlton with - is well aware that he does is wear the same black, tiger-emblazoned pants from his famous 2000 'Rock DJ' music video around the house on a daily basis.

Ayda said: "By the way those are on all the time."

Speaking on daytime talk show 'Loose Women' about the underwear, Robbie added: "It started as a joke and I thought I quite like them. It's my everyday pants. Not this one I've got more than one."