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Robbie Williams: Jimmy Page's obsession with my house is like a 'mental illness'

Robbie Williams: Jimmy Page's obsession with my house is like a 'mental illness'

Robbie Williams has likened Jimmy Page's behaviour over his renovation plans to a "mental illness".

The 42-year-old musician has been feuding with the Led Zeppelin rocker since 2013 when Robbie purchased the mansion next to his in West London and applied for permission to renovate his home.

Robbie was eventually granted the permission for building work, and has now claimed Jimmy, 72, sits in his car outside the home of the 'Party Like a Russian' hitmaker with "recording equipment".

He told The Sun newspaper: "So, Jimmy has been sitting in his car outside our house with the windows down, four hours at a time with recording equipment.

"He's recording the workmen to see if they're making too much noise. And also two weeks ago, the builders came in and he was asleep in his garden waiting. Honestly it's like a mental illness. Like, concentrating.

"It's really strange. At first it's like f**k, now it's taken so long - four years. But now it's like what are you hiding? Is there something you're hiding? So, so weird."

Previously, the former Take That member said he was "really pleased" he could boast he came to loggerheads with the famous musician, as it makes a "great story".

He said: "I win. Did he win? I don't know if there are any winners necessarily.

"I do know it makes a great story and I'm really pleased, just for me in general for the rest of my life. I'm really pleased it's Jimmy Page and not Jimmy the accountant.

"It's actually Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin and it's a wonderful story to have in your back pocket - about, you know, the neighbour that doesn't want to help you out."

Despite his apparent amusement at the feud, Robbie admitted it is frustrating that his renovation plans were held up for so long.