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Robbie Williams' daughter scared by dad doll

Robbie Williams' daughter scared by dad doll

Robbie Williams' daughter is scared of a doll that looks like her dad.

The 'Angel' hitmaker has two young children, daughter Theodora 'Teddy' Williams, three, and 18-month-old son Charlton, with his actress wife Ayda Field and revealed his little girl is totally freaked out by the creepy looking toy and "refuses" to let it into her bedroom.

Robbie posted a photo on his Twitter account of the offending doll, which has its arms spread out wide and wears a glitzy black blazer over a black shirt.

Robbie's doll has an over-sized head and hands for its little body and its eyes appear to be rolled back - seemingly looking up at the stars - as it dons a wry smile.

In the photograph of his mini-me, the real Robbie, 42, is holding on tight to his plastic doppelgänger.

Beside the photograph, the star wrote: "So my daughter refuses to have this doll in her bedroom ... Don't know why."

Despite being a platinum selling artist and a member of one of Britain's most successful boy bands, Take That, his daughter is a harsh critic when it comes to her dad's singing.

Ayda previously revealed: "He's really good with the kids - he changes nappies, he goes to 'mummy and me' with us, he does really good daddy stuff. He sang 'Wheels On The Bus' but it was funny though - Teddy said to him the other day, she said, 'Papa if you sing again, I'm going to put you in time out.' "