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Robbie Williams 'can't recognise a cucumber'

Robbie Williams 'can't recognise a cucumber'

Robbie Williams didn't recognise a cucumber because he's only ever seen them sliced, according to his wife Ayda Field.

The 37-year-old beauty has revealed her 42-year-old husband - who shot to fame as a member of Take That when he was just 16 - has lived such a "stunted" life because of his pop star status, he couldn't even recognise the vegetable when he found a whole one in the fridge.

She shared: "The other day I pulled out a cucumber from the fridge and he asked me what it was. He said he didn't know because he only ever saw them sliced.

"He's only had them in salads when they've been sliced for him. He's not used to see them in full form."

Ayda explained that Robbie's life of money and fame has had a detrimental impact on his skills around the home.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Loose Women': "There's a certain level of stunting when you're learning all these life skills."

Asked by a fellow panelist if the 'Angels' hitmaker ever did the vacuuming around their house, she explained: "God no! He doesn't know how to change a lightbulb."

Ayda recently claimed the 'Let Me Entertain You' hitmaker visited a supermarket for the first time in his life this year and was fascinated by what he saw.

She revealed: "He is 42 and for the first time he went to the supermarket the other day. He's like a 15-year-old boy, he's frozen in Take That time. He was like, 'this is amazing, they've got everything.'

"I was like, 'that's what you do at the supermarket!' It was a revelation."

However, the 'Fresh Meat' actress acknowledged Robbie - with whom she has a three-year-old daughter, Teddy, and a 19-month-old son, Charlton - is a very good father.

She said: "He's good with the kids. He changes nappies, goes to 'Mommy and me' with me. He sings the 'Wheels On The Bus'.

"Teddy said to him yesterday, 'Papa, if you sing again I'm gonna put you on Time Out!'"