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Rob Lowe 'embracing the old man' vibe after receiving Walk of Fame honour

Rob Lowe 'embracing the old man' vibe after receiving Walk of Fame honour

Rob Lowe is not at all perturbed by advancing in age because he is "fully embracing" becoming an old man.

The 51-year-old Parks and Recreation actor became a household name in the Eighties after starring in hit movies like The Outsiders (1983) and St. Elmo's Fire (1985).

Rob is the recipient of the 2,567th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, an honour unveiled this week (ends11Dec15), and receiving such a huge accolade has him feeling more fulfilled than ever with his accomplishments, even though his days as a young Hollywood heartthrob are truly over.

“Listen, I'm fully embracing the old man moniker,” he smiled to Entertainment Tonight during the Walk of Fame unveiling ceremony. "I was chosen last for my family's Turkey Bowl this year so the insults just keep on coming. Which is why today is so nice.”

Rob and his wife Sheryl are parents to sons Matthew, 22, and John, 20. John seems to be following in his father's acting footsteps, as he made an appearance on Rob's show The Grinder earlier this year (15) - but the proud patriarch does not feel the need to compete with his offspring, as he wishes them all the best as they carve out careers.

"They're hot, they're young, they're on it," he said. "I'm old. I'm on my way out, everybody knows it.”

Rob has previously revealed his thoughts about his kids going into acting, admitting seeing his progeny onscreen feels oddly ironic.

"Here I thought I avoided all the pitfalls of raising actors," he told the outlet in September (15). "John is at Stanford and we're like, 'We did it! We got him into a big school!' He was one of the leading interns in stem cell research. Now he's going to be wearing makeup for a living."

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