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Rob Kardashian spends 13k on Blac Chyna's cravings

Rob Kardashian spends 13k on Blac Chyna's cravings

Rob Kardashian spent $13,000 on Blac Chyna's pregnancy cravings - in just a month.

The 29-year-old reality star has racked up a huge bill splashing out on deliveries of Philly cheesesteak for his fiancee in order to satisfy her urges for a meaty treat.

Chyna said: "I feel like I don't have any pregnancy cravings, though."

But Rob corrected her and said: "What do you love to eat? What do I always order you?"

Chyna relied: "Philly cheesesteak, P.F. Chang's."

But Rob admitted he relies on food delivery app Postmates "every day" and asked how much his bill is, he admitted: "I think one month, it got to like, $13,000."

Though they only began dating at the beginning of this year, the couple first met at Rob's half-sister Kendall Jenner's 16th birthday party at theme park Six Flags almost five years ago.

And Chyna - who also has three-year-old son King Cairo with ex-partner Tyga - thinks they had a connection even back then.

She said during a Facebook Live chat: "The weirdest thing now like looking back at pictures, we was like winning prizes together and sitting on the ride like close to each other."

Rob agreed: "Everything just comes full circle."

The couple's first official date was at Khloé Kardashian's house - where Rob was living - and they drank "a lot of Hennessy", before Chyna "rode [Rob] in" with her cooking.

Rob said: "Our real first date, it was probably just you cooking."

Chyna added: "I invited him over and I cooked for him and that's how I rode him in."

The 'Rob & Chyna' stars joked they would be "in the strip club" if they weren't famous.

Chyna said: "I would probably be still in the strip club. I'm just keeping it real. I can't do nothing else."

Rob quipped: "And I would probably be in the strip club also. I would definitely go and find Chyna and go to the strip club. Eat some food. They got the best food in the strip club."