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Rob Kardashian offered diet deal

Rob Kardashian offered diet deal

Rob Kardashian has been offered over $100,000 to be the face of a diabetes diet company.

The reclusive reality star - who was hospitalised last month and subsequently discovered to be suffering from the condition - has been approached by Five Hour Diabetic, who design specialised meal plans for people with type 2 diabetes, who think he would be their "perfect spokesperson" and an "inspiration" to others, and in return have promised to be a "pillar of support" for him as he battles the disease and his weight problems.

They wrote in a letter: "Your fans would love to see you conquer your weight struggles. We long for the times when you were happy and floating across the stage of 'Dancing With The Stars' with Cheryl Burke. The way you spun Cheryl around your head shows me how strong of a person you are. In my opinion, you should have taken first place!

"Rob, you have the ability to become an inspiration for the millions going through the same struggles. Your sisters

and Caitlyn have been an inspiration to many. Likewise, you could also be part of that Kardashian legacy and

inspire diabetics around the world.

"We at Five Hour Diabetic believe you would make the perfect spokesperson. We will be your strongest pillar of

support. Contact us for details immediately.

"Join us in making a difference this new year. The cure for your diabetes is at the end of your fork."

According to TMZ, the company want to use Rob's face on social media and advertising campaigns and in return he will receive $100,000 plus a profit share, as well as a lifetime membership for meal plans and medical consultations.