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Ritchie Neville misses daughter's christening

Ritchie Neville misses daughter's christening

Ritchie Neville didn't attend his daughter's christening.

The 5ive singer and former fiancée Natasha Hamilton - who split last month - had decided together to have 18-month-old Ella officially welcomed into the Christian faith, but the 36-year-old star opted not to be at the ceremony, much to the Atomic Kitten star's disappointment.

She said: "Obviously I'm really disappointed. Of course he was invited but he chose not to come.

"I did feel emotional about this but that ws his choice and he had his reasons. I don't know why he decided not to come.

"It is disappointing. But we went ahead with the christening and had a lovely day.

"He did let me know that he wouldn't come. His choice was his choice. I just decided I wanted to focus on Ella and make it a day we would all remember."

Despite their split, Natasha - who also has sons Josh, 13, Harry, 11, and Alfie, five, from previous relationships - revealed she and Ritchie are still living together, a situation she is finding very "stressful".

She told Britain's OK! magazine: "We're still living with each other at the moment. It's stressful.

"Anyone who has been in the same situation can understand that.

"It's hard to move on with your life when you see that person every day."

Asked if she is looking for a new home, she added: "It's all still very up in the air at the moment, it's not decided.

"I'm just weighing up my options and seeing what will be best for all of us."

Adding to Natasha's stress is cancelling all the plans she and Ritchie had made for their wedding this summer.

She said: "I'm not feeling sorry for myself, it just feels like a bereavement because what you almost had has gone...

"The wedding was going to be this summer. That's a nightmare. You've booked a wedding and then you've got to cancel it all. You just feel, oh God. It's also quite stressful."