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Rita Ora 'spotted flirting with Fai Khadra'

Rita Ora 'spotted flirting with Fai Khadra'

Rita Ora has reportedly been spotted cosying up to Fai Khadra.

The 25-year-old beauty has become close to the Palestinian socialite and aspiring singer after he split from his Victoria's Secret model girlfriend Devon Windsor last month.

Fai attended Rita's birthday bash last week, and a source said: "Fai and Rita spent the whole evening together. They looked infatuated with one another.

"First they went to Nobu on Old Park Lane, then they sat out on Soho House's balcony until 2.30am and Rita was on his lap. When they left, they were in the same car but hugged and kissed just before she got in the back and he got in the front."

Despite this, an insider conceded the pop star is naturally flirtatious.

The source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "They were pretty drunk and Rita's just generally a very flirty person."

The speculation comes shortly after Rita admitted she would love to have sex with Madonna.

Rita - who has previously dated Calvin Harris, Ricky Hil and Travis Barker - isn't sexually attracted to women, but said she would consider having sex with the music legend just so she could tell people about it.

She admitted: "You know what, if it could happen I think I might so when I die I can say I had sex with Madonna. That would be amazing."