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Rita Ora inspired by glamorous mother

Rita Ora inspired by glamorous mother

Rita Ora's mum makes her look glamorous.

The 'I Will Never Let You Down' singer's plain-speaking parent has a "low tolerance" for people who don't make an effort with their appearance and always urges them to make the most of their assets.

She said: "My mum is very glamorous. She has a low tolerance for people who don't make an effort.

"She will walk into a room and say to a woman, 'You have t*ts. Why you not show the t*ts?' That's how she talks - she's from Albania.

"I'm like, 'Mum are you insane?' But she's all about appearance, forever kicking me, telling me to stand up straight."

The 25-year-old singer is "addicted" to having blonde hair because she's always felt it projected a more "womanly" image, even though the harsh dyes have left her locks damaged.

She said: "I was only 14 [when I went blonde], which is why my hair is so short and damaged now. I've been using this treatment for blondes called Olaplex that's gradually repaired my hair.

"When I was a teen, all my idols were blonde - Marilyn Monroe, Debbie Harry, Gwen Stefani - so it's always been my thing.

"I wasn't very girlie and I felt that going blonde made me seem more womanly.

"I got addicted and then I discovered red lipstick."

Rita doesn't care that people know she uses hair extensions and doesn't understand why people pretend their suddenly-lengthened locks are real.

She told Britain's InStyle magazine: "Some people feel really weird talking about hair extensions but the reality is your hair can't grow overnight, so why not get creative?

"The trick is you have to completely own it and that's a confidence thing."