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Rihanna worries about being 'outsider'

Rihanna worries about being 'outsider'

Rihanna feels like an "outsider".

The 27-year-old beauty - who now enjoys a globetrotting lifestyle - has admitted she used to fear being in a new environment where she was "exposed" and lost her "sense of comfort".

She said: "I have felt like an outsider ever since my first day of school. I think that's really it. When you are at home, you have this sense of comfort. You belong. It's familiar. It's you. Not until you leave your home and have to be in another environment, supervised by completely different people and around different children, that you're then immediately exposed to new things, new people.

"As strange as they are to you, you are to them. It can be hurtful, it comes off hurtful for children but really their trying to understand each other or they don't understand each other because they come from a completely different background or culture. It really is just about being who you are, no matter what."

In her new animated movie 'Home', the 'Diamonds' hitmaker lends her voice to Tip and has admitted she was "inspired by (the) strength" of the character.

She added to Essence magazine: "I want to be more like Tip. I was really inspired by her strength and determination. Even in real life, there are those moments where you start to doubt yourself, or you start to really feel like it's not the right thing.

"Or it's going in the wrong direction and it's taking too long. It shouldn't be this hard. You don't know. You start to lose hope. This movie did kind of bring that back [those feelings] for me."